I Shoot Wet People

August 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes, you only have to just sit there, and your subjects will come to you.

Portland, Oregon, has many fountains that are favorites of its citizens to use when they need to cool off during hot summer days. This day, I sat myself down at the Salmon Street Springs fountain to see what I could see.  My wife and I were a little early for our Portland Spirit cruise down the Willamette River and had about an hour to kill.  So, I thought what better way to kill and hour than doing a little photography? And here you see me as my wife saw me, watching and shooting the people who came to play in the fountain.

Shooting at the Salmon Springs fountain.Take a seat. They eventually come to you.


Of course, on a hot summer's day, it would be almost impossible to keep the children away.  This little fellow caught my eye right away. He was so unassuming and into the moment, enjoying the fanciful thoughts his imagination drew in his mind, playing with the water.

A boy and his fountain.Feel the coolness and let the water flow.


And then, there were the adults, cooling down and enjoying the water, just like the kids.  This fellow was walking around and around in the spray, getting totally soaked. Apparently, he was so water-logged that he had trouble keeping his pants up. Or, maybe that was just the way he normally dressed. You can never tell these days.

Man soakingWardrobe malfunction in the fountain.


In any case, the summer is a great time to just sit and watch and shoot.  Find a cool spot on a hot day with a nearby source of water, and the pictures will come to you without too much effort on your part.



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