Amazing Music Video Done in One Take

October 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The new music video below was done by a group called OK Go, and their new song is "I Won't Let You Down".  I'm not familiar with the group, but this got my attention.  

The little Segway-like devices they are riding were provide my Honda, and the helicopter carrying the camera was a DJI S1000.  The interesting thing is, they had to run the song at half-speed while doing the choreography. This gave the copter time to move around and get into position for the various angles and altitudes of the shot.  Later, in post-production, the playback was sped up to normal speed.

The really great thing is, this was done all in one take.  No cuts, no edits, no inserts.  All done from start to finish without stopping.  That is incredible!

Have a look and enjoy the visuals and the music.





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