Customer Endorsement

August 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The following is taken from an email we received after providing pictures from a photo shoot:

Wow you are quick!  :)
For someone who dreads seeing myself in pictures...these turned out very lovely! I really love the lighting you captured. One of them actually makes my eyes sort of glow. I can definitely use these, I think there were a few in particular that captured some of the attitude I was going for. 
So my plan is to figure out which ones I will keep to use for my FB page periodically, which ones to use for a future website, and begin thinking about what I'd like to represent my new song. I don't like giving out too much info at once at this time, so showing certain pics will be gradual (and a bit strategic). 
I will most definitely attach a link to your photo business whenever I post a pic so hopefully that can bring you more business!  :-)
Thank you so very much, again, for doing these photos and for doing them well.
Take care!
You can see Kristina's pictures here.  We'd love to provide you with the same creative services.  Contact us here.


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