Risky Business

August 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I will be visiting the lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island in a month, and I hope to come back with some spectacular shots.  And as much as I realize getting the shot no one else has requires you to go where no one else has been, I definitely will not be like Miles Morgan, the Portland photographer in the photo. I am simply not that crazy brave.  

Besides, my wife won't let me. 

National Geographic Magazine is world-renowned for it's high standards of photography and of the daring-do of its photographers. Those guys and gals will do almost anything to get the jaw-dropping, tear-inducing, awe-inspiring shot.  A recent tally of 45 Nat Geo photographers resulted in some interesting statistics, stuff that they, I'm sure, wished they didn't have to go through, and stuff, I'm sure, I will never have to endure.

Enjoy this table of risks, a tribute to their glamorous life: The Hazards of a National Geographic Photographer, and especially read the Vignettes. Wow.


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