The Kids are Healthy and Growing

May 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Back in late March of this year (2016), we heard of a location at Smith Rock State Park in Terrebonne, Oregon, in which bald eagles had built a nest and laid a couple of eggs.  Immediately, we made plans to visit the area. Happily, we were also committed to a three-day photoshoot in Fort Rock, Oregon, in early April.  We decided to visit Smith Rock on our way home from that shoot.

After a fortuitous encounter with a park ranger, we quickly found our way to a ledge overlooking the canyon and across from a tall tree. We were just about at eye-level with the eagles' nest, if not slightly higher. The chicks were only a few days old.



Fast-forward to May, four weeks later. We drove down to Klamath Falls for the specific purpose of photographing Western Grebes during their mating season. The birds perform a rather unique mating dance that culminates in the courting pair running across the surface of the water.  I just had to catch that.

On our return ride home on Mother's Day, we swung by Smith Rock again to check up on the chicks. I'm glad to say they appear to be healthy and are growing into a pair of fine, strapping eaglets.

A little Mother's Day peck on the cheek.




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