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Sarah Evans, a young mother of two beautiful children, was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to other places in her body. It is stage four. The cancer diagnosis means many changes for Sarah and her family and they need our support.

On November 19, 2013, her friends and family arranged to have a benefit concert to help raise funds to assist Sarah in her battle against this terrible and relentless enemy. Aaron Meyer, an accomplished violinist, whose art spans a broad variety of musical genres, performed beautifully and made the evening truly memorable.

This gallery contains pictures of the event. Whether you were there or not, whether you are a friend of Sarah or not, whether you are related or not, please consider purchasing as many pictures as you can. All proceeds generated from this gallery, aside from laboratory printing costs, will go directly to Sarah's family.

Also, please consider supporting Sarah at this web site:

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Aaron MeyerAaron MeyerAaron MeyerTim EllisJean-Pierre GarauAaron MeyerJean-Pierre Garau, Aaron Meyer, Tim EllisJean-Pierre Garau, Aaron Meyer, Tim EllisJean-Pierre Garau, Aaron Meyer, Tim EllisAaron Meyer

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So glad this event went well!