I have always loved photography. Even as a small child, I would set up props and backdrops and models, and take what I called "special effects" shots, using my grandmother's old 1940s Kodak. I wanted to share with others something that I saw, my vision, so to speak. As I grew up, I always had my camera with me, whether it was a Polaroid or Yashika or Kodak, a camera was never very far from my reach.

I am equally at home shooting landscapes with magnificent sunsets, the rising moon over a mountain, an intimate closeup of a bee collecting pollen, or the simple joy on a child's face as they see someone or something they love. I shoot for the sheer fun of it, and the enjoyment and satisfaction I get from creating something memorable and lasting.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my photos.

All of the images in my gallery are available for sale. And if any of them generate some ideas for what you'd like to have, I am available for personalized sessions or assignments to create the images specifically for your needs. Contact me, and let's discuss it.

George Shubin

And please note: the "45th Parallel" logo will be removed from all purchased photos.