Photo Repair and Restoration

If you have an old picture that has seen better days, if it is torn, taped, ripped, scratched, or folded, send it us to bring it to life again.

We will take your picture, perform a high resolution scan, digitally clean up and repair the physical damage, re-tint and re-tone if necessary, and enhance the detail and softer areas for a crisper, sharper result.

For example, here is a photo from 1912.  It has been around the block a few times, and is showing its age.


The first phase is to remove all major damage, rips, glue streaks, specks of dirt, etc.

Next, we re-tint the photo, and balance the brightness, contrast, and tones for a pleasing restoration of skin textures and clothing details.

Finally, we crop the photo to dimensions that will provide a nice fit for an 8 x 10 print, eliminating the rough edges and the non-essential parts of the picture that detract from the central subject. 


Aged and Color-Faded Restoration

Here is an unusual request: a picture of a picture, taken with a cell phone at an angle.  The portrait has color-shifted over time and has become overly red/magenta.  And the picture is not flat nor straight-on, causing some distortion in the image.

This is a 45 year-old portrait that has probably been in the sunlight too long. We had to first adjust the perspective and tilt of the picture,, and then "warp" it back into a straight-on view.  Then we adjusted the colors to create as close a simulation of the period as possible. Then we re-cropped it for an 8x10 print.


Travel / Vacation Pictures Made to Convey What You Saw

Sometimes your camera simply isn't up to the task of recording the scenes in the way you see them. Typically, this is because the lens of your camera isn't wide enough, and so those magnificent vistas are chopped up into small chunks that just don't seem to do the job.

Here are two shots of the Louvre in Paris, France. They were shot from right to left, and the alignment of angles in each shot is different.

We had to realign the photos, making sure the roof lines in each were level, and switch their order from right-to-left to left-to-right. We then emulated a very wide-angle lens, and worked to minimize distortion of vertical lines.  Lastly, we added some color and clarity adjustments.


Touch-ups and Adjustments to Enhance Your Photo

Nothing spoils a picture like an underexposed face. Your camera wants to expose a shot for the average amount of light in the scene.  If more light is coming from the background than is coming from your subject, faces will be dark.  We can help. 

Slightly drab background with an under-exposed subject. More vibrant background and properly exposed subject.


A cell phone picture in which the subject is severely underexposed. The same picture, corrected to bring out the beauty of the subject.

What You Get

You will receive your original picture returned to you untouched, and a private page on this web site that will link to your new picture. You may download it for your own use, and you may also optionally select from our many printing and framing options.

Give us a call or email us.  We're here to make your memories live again.