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Holiday ExpressSweet RideDelorean in the rain.Portland's Holiday Express steams up upon departure.The old Southern Pacific #4449 steam locomotive.The US Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf in San Diego BaySunset DescentAn F16 Punchin' OutOh, to be able to do the things we once did so easilyThe strength and beauty of youth soon become only a glint in the eye.A Spectrum of Kayaks1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8Experiencing Centrifugal Force in a Practical WayTurbulent Ride, Indeed!Is this the Master Control Program from "Tron"?Hot Air Balloons InflatingPort Angeles Ferry Returning from VictoriaThe underbelly of the airlines industry.The Wreck of the Peter IredaleZodiac on the Straight of Juan de Fuca