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An old pioneer church in AutumnPortland, early April 2020, a late afternoon, the ghosts of rush hour echo through the streets.A Waterfall, a River, and Two Volcanos.St. Johns BridgeWillamette Falls From AboveMount Hood Reflection in Trillium LakeA beautiful couple: Mount Hood and Trillium Lake.Behold, the moon!The Old Scotch Church is a beautiful reminder of the faith and hardiness and love of beauty that characterized Oregon's pioneers.Supermoon over Oregon City and Mount HoodMultnomah Falls before the daily crowds arriveGarden PathMount Hood Above the Sandy River ValleyPeek-a-Boo MoonCrystal Springs PersuasionThe Old Kinton SchoolhousePaddle Boarders Rush in Where Salmon Fear to SwimPuffy clouds, pink blossoms, and a rainbow.Portland, You Look MahvalousPortland Waterfront