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A starling's tippy-toe takeoff.Yellow-rumped Audubon's WarblerAn Eastern Gray Squirrel posing for a portrait early Christmas morning.The thing that makes family portraiture so difficult is that there always seems to be one clown in the bunch.Peanuts to soothe the savage beast.Back off. He's not in the mood.Mom and two cubs.The fly that would not shoo away.A common sparrow briefly (very briefly!) at rest.Oh, Lord, why did you make the tree so big and me so small?A spotted towhee pauses to pose for a portrait.Shooting a portrait of this shy giraffe was difficult. It took a long time for him to swallow his pride.She's got a secret, and she's not telling.Hi, my name is Iggy. Do you like reptiles, because iguana be with you.Portrait of a female Guenon monkey.Cackling Geese on the Wing.Oh, great! An egret.A Cackling Goose begins to take flight.Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home....Living a life of constant vigilance.