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A simple picture, a wonderful encounter.

A simple picture, a wonderful encounter.

As I was driving home from another photo shoot, and as I passed our city park, I happened to notice a couple sitting on a park bench, and I thought, "That would make a nice picture."
So, I turned the truck around and parked. I approached them and asked if they would mind having their picture taken. They gave me permission, I snapped the shot, and thanked them.
Then they told me why they were there. That day (August 3rd) was their 33rd wedding anniversary, and they were married right there in the gazebo. They were just sitting and remembering all the emotions and events that started their 33-year journey together.
I thanked them again and congratulated them on their marriage and began to walk back to my truck. I glanced back to see that they left the bench together, hand in hand, and stood at the base of the gazebo's stairs, looking upwards into where they stood together 33 years ago. I'm glad I didn't intrude again. One interruption was enough.